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A Charity with a mission to "transform lives through wholeness"

What we do

We help people find the courage, practical help and spiritual support they need to develop a more intimate relationship with God so that they can break through personal barriers. Our vision is to see people impact the wider community and beyond. 

How we do it

We teach, coach, mentor and provide literature on transformational wholeness. Through educational initiatives, we raise recognition of the need for, and guide individuals, businesses and organisations on their journey towards wholeness; helping individuals experience a noticeable sense of completeness.

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The Wholeness Academy - follow a programme of workshops and seminars on personal, leadership and business wholeness. Click here for more information and to book your place!

These events are a key part of what we do because they provide opportunity to share what we’ve learned about wholeness over the past 20 years. Equally important, they provide opportunity to share in the experiences of others, to build the type of relationships that will be instrumental to your journey and, above all, to invest in your own growth and development.

JPIM Annual Wholeness Conference - The Annual Wholeness Conference is an exciting part of our calendar. It is a celebratory occasion and features inspiring talks and artistic expression covering a range of wholeness-related topics. The conferences are suitable for anyone, whatever they consider their ‘stage’ of wholeness to be. You may be new to wholeness and wondering whether it is for you. You may have already begun and committed yourself to the journey. Either way the conference provides the chance to widen your knowledge and discover a little more about the life of wholeness in a powerful yet relaxed environment. 

JPIM Conferences and Events


JPIM Leaders Inspiring Leaders Mentoring Programme - Leadership is one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles any person can hold. Leaders Inspiring Leaders (LIL) aim is to Support, Equip, Empower and Develop (S.E.E.D) 12 leaders at a time in a safe, confidential and life changing environment, using biblical principles and tested leadership development.  

Emerging Ministers Summer School - is a short mentoring programme developed to support new and future ministers move into their call.  It's one thing to know you have a call to ministry and it is another to step into it and recognise the joys and challenges of the call.  If the enemy can stop you at the first hurdle - HE WILL!

To find out more about our 2018 Wholeness Retreat, or to book


Or telephone: 07966 060 215

"I am still overcome with joy and enlightenment, my whole being feels free, it’s like being released from an iron cage. My friends and family have seen the calm within me. I can never stop talking about the event."

Event participant

Connect with us!

Prayer Requests - The bible tells us not to be anxious over anything but to bring our requests to God in prayer, so if you need someone to pray with you concerning a problem or need please let us know. We hold regular prayer sessions each week and would love to pray with and for you.

Weekly e-inspirations - These are inspirational and thoughtful messages written by Reverend Jacqueline Peart as she recounts her own experiences and lessons learned, as she too continues to walk and grow in wholeness. These inspirational thoughts are sent by email each week. You can use these timely messages as daily devotionals, reminders and pick-me-ups!

Donations - JPIM is a charity that relies on the generous and kind donations from supporters and partners. These donations help us to continue our work and to reach more people with the message of wholeness, regardless of their economical or social status. If you would like to sow into the ministry we would welcome your gift and support.

Partner with us - Our Partners are friends, ministries and businesses who have caught the vision of wholeness and want to support JPIM on a regular basis to help reach the lost and heal the broken through the life-giving message of the Gospel. They support in a variety of ways by giving financial support, expertise or time to help us touch lives. However great or modest their input, we value the time and support donated by all of our Partners and see them as a crucial part of the team at JPIM.

While our website is being updated, if you want any further information about any of our programmes or to sign up to stay connected with us, email us at:

Charity Number: 1155763

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